Yarn and mittens

Hi all

Well snow has come a lot and more seems to be on the way :-(. Well I kind of had enough of it now, want spring and summer + some warm weather!

Some nice thing though. A day this week a package came with some tea and yarn in it, yea a chocolate cake too :-). It was my package in the "Tea & yarn swap 5" at StickaMera (see link to the left). Many and big thanks to my swap friend Ing-Marie Å from Kåge. I had some thought on what to do with the yarn but now I have decide to do a pair of slippers, that will be cosy indeed. Ooh the tea tasted good to of course, a special mix from Skellefteå.

I have also finished february months mittens Augusta at the "Puls club 2010" at StickaMera to. They was easy to do and fun because they where fast knitted and not to complicated at all. Did not keep them for myself, one of my sisters got them. Hope she will use them!

Hmmm what to knitt now, hmm well is waiting for another yarn "ball" to the darkblue scarf I´m doing, hopefully that will come monday or tuesday. And I have the slippers to do also :-) :-) and some other stuff. I´m not out of knitting work at all :-) :-).

Ooh I have also notified med too StickaMeras "Sockgarnsbyte"(sock yarn swap). That will be exciting to see what will be in that package. I have never knitted a pair of socks before, well if you not count the slippers that I have just startded on :-). And it is always fun to get packages to :-). I have got a "friend" to send to and hopfully I will sort that out this coming week so I can send it to her.

To my friend, you know who you are!
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
~Aesop´s Fables

Also thanks to Camilla for coming with your digital camera so I could fix this pictures.
take care all of you



Hi all
Well today I sent a package, a package to my swap friend in StickaMeras "Yarn & Tea" swap 5-2010. Hopefully she will get it tomorrow or some of the nearest days. And now I´m waiting for my turn to get a package in the box, a bit exciting is it :-) :-).

Right now i´m knitting on the darkblue scarf (not much left to do). I had kind of promised myself just to have one thing to knitt on, hmmfrr. I could not keep that promise to myself :-(. So I´m also knitting on february months (StickaMera) mittens "Augusta", well I have only started and is halfway on the first one.

The "rest" then, the mess. Hmm still the same but hopefully it will be sorted in the nearest future. It´s getting a bit much now (se older post).

take care and be friendly to your friends, a word here and there is worth a lot!


Something new

Hi all on the new year!

Not so much has happened since last time! Still the same at the working front. But luckily I have help there. AND i do recommend to be in a Union, you do get help from there.

One new thing is that i have started to knitt again, the "lust" has kind off come back :-), well a bit anyway. So right now i´m on ha scarf in dark blue alpacka yarn, really like to knitt in that yarn, soft and nice. Have also gone in to Pulsclub 2010 at StickaMera (se link to left).

Have also notifyed me to their "Te & yarn" swap, it´s fun and a bit exciting to see what you get in the post :-) :-).

End this time with this quote:
Acts of kindness, even in the simplest ways,
are what make our lives meaningful,
bringing happiness to ourselves and others.
~Dalai Lama

take care all specially your friends.