Mittens and tea

Hello all!
Well today it is windy indeed. So being inside finishing some projects and drinking tea is just perfect. So far no more snow here in Ås (outside Nora, Sweden).

I have finished November months mittens "Pixie Warmers" in StickaMeras "Pulsclub" (mittens club). I made the mittens in Sandnes Alpakka and red one´s this time to. These mittens is a christmas present for my niece, so anyone know her do not tell her please :-). Hopefully she will be pleased with them. So now on to the next knitting project . . . . . . . . . :-).
Yesterday I discovered that there was no teabags left! I use tea bags in the morning and loose tea in the evenings, well other times to but I want to have time for loose tea and don´t like to prepare that when I´m in hurry. Hmmmm, grrrrrr into the pantry and looking round a bit. Aaaaaaa and there I found some tea flower "balls". It is tied tea leaves, when placed in hot water bloom to beautiful flowers. And the taste is quite goood also, shall mention that it is green tea. So I have to use these tea "balls" to warm me up untill today (have tea bags now). The "balls" I used has the long name "China Fujian Floating Osmanthus".
Art is science made clear.
~ Jean Cocteau
be nice to each other


Finished and up!

Hello all!
Today when I looked at the amaryllis bulbs that I´ve put in pots on the 3 of november, I discovered that they have started to grow :-). In other words a slowly progress. So the bulbs were moved to a bit brighter place. Hope they continue to grow to beautyful flowers! I have also finished (some week ago) my new mittens. A pair of red "Fröken Smillas mittens" (Miss Smillas mittens). I also put out pics on my knitting album at FB. Ooopps a reaction it was indeed, seems like red things attracts people :-) and I got some questions and nice words. The red colour seems to give reaction from many different directions and people I don´t even know!
The perfection of art is to conceal art.
~ Quintilian
take care


A little joy

Hi all!
Again it has been some time since I wrote anything here, have been some (sigh) crap day´s again. And some people are really grrrrrrr and don´t think, they are airheads!
I have also got a time for my "sake" in the court, so in the first week of december I will se if I´m entitled to my right´s (my salary)!

But there is also bright spots that lighten´s up the day. Like yesterday my older sister came with a whole basket with yarn, I got both yarn and a basket :-). Found almost at once some yarn that I can use for a birthday present to my niece´s birthday. Later on when I have put out a picture on my wall at FB, I got after some hour or so a question if I wanted some more yarn sent over to me in Sweden! Ooh more yarn happines :-). So in some time more yarn will come to me all the way from USA!
And I have also been to two nice knitting cafe´s this week, that is also some nice hour´s to spend a part of the day.
The basket full off yarn.

Again some nice music to listen to and I got this link from a friend some time ago. Click the picture as usual to listen and see the video.
Enigma "Return to Innocence"

Be yourself, no matter what they say.
take care of each other


Hmmmm, snow!

Hi all!
This morning when I got up and should go out with the dogs on this day´s first walk we all discovered that the first snow (for this season) had come. NOT particulary funny and none of us where specially amused by it, and it was cold to. :-( The dogs needed their knitted sweater´s on. In other words, the winter is not "our" season at all. And Sunny (to the right) is in her "season" or as you also say heat period, phuuu. Soon she is out of her "risky" day´s.

take care


9 oktober 1940 - 8 december 1980

Today a great singer should have turned 70 years! As we all know he did not, he got shot outside his home! I have defenitely not heard or listened to everything he has done as a group member to The Beatles or as a solo artist.

Got this song to listen to from a friend some time ago. Did get surprised because I hadn´t heard it before, well not taken notice of it anyway! The song is on the album "Imagine" wich was recorded in 1971 and the song is the nice 'Jealous Guy'. It´s a pitty that this song has not get so much attension it´s worth that as much as other songs on that album. I think it´s great! Just listen to John Lennon.

Click on the picture to listen and see.

Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.

listen to this and take care of each other


Grrrrrrrrr, new

Grrrrr, have realised that my first pair off socks must be put on hibernation (rest) for a while. The yarn is not enough at all, 1 skein is only :-( for about half the sock and a bit more. So now I have to wait until I find at least 1 more skein of the bl........dy yarn! Or I have to mix with another yarn/colour in some way.
Anyone out there have 1 skein of the yarn "Crazy" colour 015 from Idéna/Almedahls (se picture from last post), contact me!

So what now then? Well on to another pair off socks :-) this time in Zauerball yarn. Never knitted in that before, have only just started and so far so good. A bit thin though but I will get used to it. I really hope this skein (ball) is enough for a pair off biiiiig socks! But have got some good advice and tips from Kida, Thank you! I might come with more questions :-).
Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart
be nice to each other


Some pictures

Hi all!
This time I want to share two pictures that I took with the mobilephone in september. They kind of illustrated the mood and mind I was on those day´s.

First picture is on a foggy morning on my way to the stable to let the horses out. The lake was completely gone!!! Well not "totaly" but covered in fog so I could not see it at all.
The second picture is taken on my evening walk with the dogs. Dark, dark was it and just the moon was there to light it up.

On wednesday this week, 29 september I was at the first knitting café for the autumn at the library in Nora. We actually sat in the middle of the exhibition hall where it was an ongoing exhibition with the culture educators in Nora! I got some help from Renate with the assembly of my top, I kind of had got stuck there as the description was a bit wanky. Then I started to knit on my first pair of socks ever!!! Well will se how these will be, shall not keep them for my self but have some other yarn to knit socks to me to :-). Hmmm maybe I´m not a "sock" person/knitter!?
When the heart speaks,
the mind finds it indecent to object.

~Milan Kundera
be kind to each other



Hi all!
Been a while since I wrote anything, as usual the inspiration has not been there at all! Something else take a lot of my strenght and mind (see earlier post´s).
Some fun though :-). StickaMera started another "Sock yarn swap" that I´m in. I have already got my package with yarn from my sock yarn friend Åsa in Finspång. Don´t have any e-mail or blog adress to her so I say Thank you from here to you Åsa. I got some really nice and soft Raggi Fantasi in lovely colours. It was also some nice chocolate in, wich is now gone (did disapear quick). And a face mask (mudpack) that I have not tried yet but will do in some days. In nearest week I will put together the package I shall send away to a friend, so hold out it will come :-). I´m a bit picky whith what I shall send away, what yarn I will choose to send.

I got this lovely yarn with nice colour.

Im also soon totaly finished with my top "Gypsy", Plassad pattern. I´m doing the top in a lime green yarn from Garnverket, organic cotton yarn. Has just the assembly left, wich has been proved to be a bit dodgy! On the picture I´m a bit more than halfway, at the same time I´m in the popular Online knitting café on Facebook that Lisa has started up. Very good and nice initiative and popular it is!
Actually it is one going on right now :-), I just took a brake from it to write this in the blog.

End with these words:

On your journey to your dream,
be ready to face oasis and deserts.
In both cases, don´t stop.

~Paulo Coelho

take care, be nice


Music, music

Hej all
Well this time I just feel for sharing some good music with you all. These song´s is so good and reminds me of good things. As usuall click on the picture to come to the music and video.

Specially "In Demand" with Texas you just must see, Alan Rickman dances tango with Sharleene Spiteri (the singer). The other song is with the nice singer Sinead O´Connor, she just sing´s this song marvellous!
"In Demand" - Texas "Nothing compares 2 U" - Sinead O´Connor

The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels.
~Hazrat Inyat Khan

take care, be nice to each other


Hmmm, grrrr and yarn

Hi all.
Well it has been some grrr time these last day´s and I´m not happy about it at all.

I do not like people who is trying to avoid the responsibility and the law by moving from the country (flee rather I should say). That I hate when they are trying to get away with what they owe in other words! That is the situation with my case and requirements at this time, unfortunately. Procastination, procastination . . . is apperently a way to try to get away from everything and very common infortunately. See post from 2009-12-20 then you understand these words better. Wonder if I ever will see/get my money (wage) some time, get what I have the right to?? I´m quite pissed off (and down some days) and to know that it is not just me that is in the same situation as me it´s, it´s grrrrrrrrrrr and a bit more. I do Not like it at all! Pitty some people always think that they have right and never can have wrong. Everyone can from time to time have wrong!
Enough of that for this time over to som nice, fun things instead.

This is what I got in the swap "Yarn & tea 6" at StickaMera. Some nice Ecological Baby wool yarn. Not sure yet what I shall do, hmmm maybe a pair of winter mitts? Anyone out there have any suggest?? Ooh it was some nice tea in it to :-). Thanks my swap friend Elin.

I have also finished a cover for my mobile phone. I did not like the cover that was with it, it was ridicilous and uggly, black fake leather and totaly open in 2 ends!? This one is knitted in some spare yarn i had (from another swap last year), it´s "Opal Bambus" a really nice yarn. I want more of that but have had hard to find it so is it someone out there know where to get it contact me. Have no pattern to this one, it is made from my own head. On the back I did a "strap" so I can put it in a belt or on a bag if I want to do that. Now my head is a bit empty on words and inspiration so I end it here for this time.

A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.
~Charlotte Bronte

Take care and say nice things to each other.


Mittens + music

Hi all
Not so much to say just a little bit comes here.
I´m finally done with my "May mittens" 'Elin' in StickaMeras Pulsclub. That was some weeks ago but have not taken any pictures until until now, with the mobile phone. So they might not be that good, but you see the mittens anyway. They are knitted in Drops Alpacka, darkblue. This is one of my favorite yarns, so soft and nice to knit in. And I also decided not to have any buttons at the lace part as you can see. I sewed beads there instead as I also did on one row a couple of rows from where the lace ended. Thid is my first try to include beads in a knitted thing. Will defenitely do i t again!

Must have some music to. The other day when I came home from a dogshow (the first one for this summer). I was really tired and my mind was not with me at all plus I was wet into the skin and a bit more! I miss so much and my lust and inspiration is not as it should. So I wanted to listen to some soft and "silence" music. I found the execellent "Sound of Silence" with Simon & Garfunkel (live sound). Click the picture to come to the music and video!

Picture is taken by my friend John P.

Will end with this fitting poem.

"In the sweet territory of silence we touch the
mystery. It´s the place of reflection and
contemplation, and it´s the place where we can connect
with the deep knowing, to the deep wisdom way."
~Angeles Arrien

take care all, say nice things to each other


Hi all!
Just a small update. Have had some to be true crap days and the inspiration is not there.
Listen to this song, specially the text! Click on the picture to come to the music.

Pink Floyd - "Another brick in the wall"

Have joined a bit fun though. I joined StickaMeras "Yarn & Tea swap 6". Has just packed the package to my swap friend and shall send it tomorrow.

Take care, be nice to each other.


"I don´t know" day!

Today it is an "I don´t know" day here! :-(.

(Click the picture to listen and to see the video).

Listen to this song "Private emotions" and enjoy the voices and the text. And of course there is a Swedish voice in it, nice Meja.

This is to my special friends out there, you know who you are.

Take care, be nice to each other!


Got some new things.

Just a short report, then to bed!

For once I actually have won something, it´s not often I do win so this made me glad. I participated in Torgstenens "Spring time draw" for some nice tops. It is a whole package with pattern, yarn, stiches and a crochet hook. I also got to choose colour on the yarn, se my picture below what colour I chose.

I have also got two packages from two swaps with StickaMera. First came the "Cup & yarn" package from Berit in Denmark. It was some nice danish mohair/wool yarn and a nice cup, not sure yet what to do with the yarn, it is two different light green/grey shades on it. The second package was the "Chocolate & yarn" from Kerstin in Åkersberga with some nice wool (the pink/grey shaded one) yarn from Ullcentrum that I know what to do with :-). It was also some beige mohair mix yarn in it but not sure what to do with that yet. The chocolate have I already eaten up, it was tasty :-).

Ends tonight with my words:

. . . she was taught to keep things inside,
she was taught to be quiet,
to emptiness deep inside . . .

~ MG 2010

take care and be nice to each other


My birthday girl!

My sweet little basenji girl Sunny (Triad´s Summer Dream) is today 9 years old!
Where on earth has the time gone, have I already had her for 9 years? She was born early in the morning at 02.02 and her birth weight was 240 grams, she was born with her butt (breech?) first ! :-) Sunny is after the Australian bitch "Kajsa" Ch Wazazi Perfect Dream and her dad is the Swedish boy Ch Kitutu Pumba. Many thanks to Lotten and Tomas at Triad´s kennel for this little sweet girl.

Sunny on her back at her birthday, hmm is it proper to show the belly? :-)

Love these words and it suits Sunny really well (have these words on the back of a postcard with her).

"A singel sunbeam is enough to
drive away many shadows."
~Franciscus of Assissi

take care, say nice things and words to each other


Different things

Again some time has gone since last post. Same reason as before, the inspiration is not quite there! To many thoughts, days is down, up, down . . . . . . . . . so on. Just hope it will end some time, I need a breake, need to get away from this stupid ground for a while, or longer . . . . . . . . .
My oldest dog Luppe (13½ years old) is also on medication right now, he goes on cortizone and penecillin + was shampoed, some skin problem. I was quite worried there for a while and still is, he is old! He seemes to take the treatment good, shall have a check on him some day this week, maybe it will be taken a biopsy.

I have now finished my dishcloth in the dishcloth knit-along. It was my first time in a thing like like that and probably not the last time either! You knit a couple of rows, that you get the pattern to, each day, in this case for 9 days. A fun way to knit along with others, can recomend it! Have already start to use this one to :-). Maybe some of you wounder how it work to use these knitted dishcloths? Well they are much better than the one´s you buy, more economic, good for the nature and they look alot more nicer! :-). And you just wash them in the washmachine when you wash something else.
And I have also joined a new swap with StickaMera, "En kopp garn" - "A cup of yarn". You send a cup/mug, yarn and some other small goodies (if you want) to a friend that you get. I have already sent away the package to my friend (yesterday). Will se when I get my, it´s a bit fun and exciting these swap´s.

For the soul´s health is the small,
even the smallest joys
of greate value.
~P W V Keppler

take care, say nice things to each other


A package + feelings

Hi all
Today has been up and down, upset and grrrr day = many thought´s and feelings. That is not just for me but also for other´s sake. One good thing is that my "sake" has taken one more step forward but it goes slowly (see basic post from 2009-12-20 + here and there). I could say more now but I think that would not be soo good as it is an ongoing thing! Can say that I do not like people who lies, especially if they are lying to the goverment!

One good thing today that made it better was that I got a package in the mailbox (the snail mail) :-). It was from the dischcloth swap that StickaMera arranged. And I got my cloth today from "Urmodern" Eva. It was a nice knitted dischcloth in one of my favorite colours lime green. And she had also put in some other things like nice chocolate and a cappucccino bag that I´m actually taking right now + writing in the blog at the same time :-).

I´m also in my first knit-along, with Rachel´s Mystery Dishcloth knit along. But more on that + picture will come another day when I feel for writing a bit more.

take cara, say nice things to each other, be true to each other!



Hi all
Have been some day´s since I wrote anything. I kind off had no feeling to write, yea has been some bad mood day´s. Has been up, down, emptiness, down and so on. Miss the time that was a lot, good friends and all the special things that was too. Hopefully it will be better, or will it?

Yesterday I got my "friend" to knit a dishcloth to at StickaMeras "Dishcloth swap". So I took a break from my shawl "Gail" and is now doing a cloth with my design on to the "friend" I shall send it to. And in some days or so I will get one from someone that has knitted one to me, a bit exciting isen´t it? :-)

End with this strong quote, but I like it and it is true! Nature never fail you!

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.
It will never fail you."
~Frank Lloyd Wright

say nice things to each other, say some words often that is enough to make the day!


To the special one´s

This song is to the special one´s I know and to a friends daughter that is not with us anylonger!
Just click the green and listen!

Elton John "Your song"

Take care


Fun + hmmmm

Hi all

Well yesterday (wensday 28 april) it was fun :-). The whole day I was looking forward to the knitting café that should be at the library in town (Nora). So in the afternoon I took my bike and did go in, a bit rain it was but that didn´t matter then. I really wanted to go in :-). There I meet some nice people and a woman that has a yarn shop had taken some yarn with her, but I did not buy anything, weird!!!
And finally I meet again EmmaE and she had her daughter Signe with her. That was really good that she came because I had again got stuck in my "Gail" shawl. But she helped me and I in the end "got" it. So now everything seems to be OK and I´m now on the second repeat :-). Big thanks Emma!

Emmas daughter Signe fixing with the puzzle (allowed to use the picture).

Today on the other hand it´s :-( :-(. The weather is boring, grey and cold. Rain is hanging in the air and the stupid "road machine" has been here and scraped the road, yea we gravel road. That will make it grrrrrrr to bike for a couple of days. And on top of that i´m frezzing exactly as Sunny does, think actually I might do like her snuggle up in the kitchen sofa, have a look at the picture. She is cute isen´t she?by by for now



Hi all
I have recently started to knit discloths, sounds weird isen´t it :-) ? But it is not, these cloths is made in cotton, cotton/flax mix or a mix of cotton/bamboo. I have tried all mixes and they work well all of them :-). If you want something fast to knit, something to knit that you really don´t need to think much well then dishcloths is excellent :-)). Of course there is patters where you need to pay attensione!Yesterday evening, hmm probably night :-) I joined StickaMeras dishcloth swap. Sounds weird? Well you knit a cloth send it to someone, get a cloth back from someone else. It is fun and you can if you want put in small things in the package too, maybe some candy or other fun.

have a nice day all, say some nice words to each other!


Both nice and blahäää


On wensday this week (21 of april) I took me the time and went in to Örebro and the knitting café at Märtas cafe, the knit café was in co-operation with "Bilda". I felt I needed to get away from all a bit even if it was for just a couple of hours! It was really nice to meet some new knitting friends, they where really friendly and welcome me nicely :-). Most of them was also in the newly formed club Närkes Handaverk. In time I maybe join them and even go on some of their other activities.
Finally I can continue with my shawl "Gail", I got some good help :-) and now I don´t understand what wrong I did before!!! I will defenitely go in again at this knit café it was pleasant and the place in it´s self was really nice and I can recommend all to "go off" there regular coffea streets and go to this place instead. Took a few picture with my new mobile phone, they are not that super good but you can see a bit on what was going on and the cosy café.

Some knitting friends and a small view at the cosy café.

A bit of the table wit a mix of "goodies" :-) and my brown mottled yarn ball.

The rest of week have been up and down as usual! Today it started so nice with sun then it was just blahäää with grey weather and rain/snow/hail, that is not so fun for the soul when it have the "bad" days and missing all the good stuff that has been. I´m quite feed up with the weather right now and need to get away for a bit longer time. Hope that can be soon, really soon!

take care all


A bit news, new mobile!

Hi all!
Has been a while since I wrote anything. The truth is that I have not been inspired at all to do so, some days are like that and some days I get an idea but when I then sit down and shall write then it´s gone! And with all that waiting on that something shall happen with the Union/Lo-TCO court help, sigh. Yea that take´s on you and no inspiration is there. But soon, soon it will be something!

Some new things has happened though! I finally decided me to get a new mobile phone after all looking on the internet for months. In the end I decided me for a Nokia E71, I really like that keyboard that they have on the E63(does not excist here in Sweden), E71, E72 and some new models. I hate when there is a thing you shall pull out or fold up/fold down, that is just a extra thing to tangle up in and destroy I think. My new one will be excellent in time, when I have learned me all things on it, wich will take some time :-). I´m right now just waiting on that the numer shall be transfered and ready to use, I want to have my old number you see. Look the picture, nice isen´t it? :-), it is has a silver colour.

Knitting front then? Well I let the socks "hibernate" it was a bit boring to do them. Im not a "sock" person I think. In my lack of inspiration I needed something quick to knit. I found out on internet that there was quite a lot of people that knitted dishcloths!!! Weird I thought but after some thinking I realise that it works to have knitted dishcloths. So that was a excellent thing for me to knit. It goes fast, no need of a special pattern, unless you want of course. So fast look what i had in my yarn collection, not much but I started with one at least. I have now bought some more cotton, cotton/bamboo yarn and is on my way to do moore cloths. Actually I´m on my third now, no need of thinking is necessary at all :-). At the same time when I bought some cloth yarn I also bought yarn to a "Teardrop" shawl, it became a "flax" yarn in a deep moss green colour, a bit shifting in the colour. And some pearls to it to, will se if I actually use the pearls or not, bu tit is nice with it. I bought the flax yarn in a store in Örebro but it is from Ullcentrum at Öland. Ohh I have also got my own yarn winder now, finally after so many years :-).

End for this time with this, something I really like and once send to "my" angel:

"An angel exist, but sometimes they don´t have wings . . . .
We call them `friends`"

take care of your friends



Just listen to this music with Pink Floyd (click on the "green" title) "Marooned".
This song is special and therefore to special friends, you know who you are :-) !
Take care and be nice to each other.


Today´s highlight!

Todays higlight in the crap, crap weather is that I got april months subscription tea from TeFrossa and it is the green tea "Japan Lime". It smells absolutely marvellous something in my style :-). I will try it later this day when I can enjoy it a lot.
On the knitting front I have now finished the first sock! As I have said before I have never knit socks before so it takes a bit time. But they are on the way.

The rest then, the so called "thing" or mess or whatever I shall call it (se post from 2009-12-20) and some small posts here and there. Well it will take some more time but it is back up at LO-TCO Legal Aid (court help). Can´t say so much more as it is an ongoing thing. But something will happen in the nearest couple of weeks. Sigh and sigh it takes a long time :-( and it takes a part of you and the mind! I repeat my self I know by saying this, be in a UNION you do get help when you need it! And courthelp is one thing you get help with!

be nice to each other, say nice word that lightens up the day


Knitting cafe

Hi allThis evening was nice indeed!
I took the decision to bike in to the library in Nora and go to the knitting cafe thy arrange there between 17-00-20.00 pm. It was really nice to meet some other knitting people and see what they was knitting on. Some people involved pearls in their mittens, I have never tried that but might do that one day. It do get really nice but looks a bit complicated :-).

I had my mint green socks with me that I knit some on, had my shawl pattern and yarn with me to but no one could understand that english pattern :-(. Sorry to hear Emma that you could not come in, would have been nice to meet you again but understand that your daughter was tired. Hope you can come next time or we can meet up in some way :-) :-).

We actually sat in the exhibition hall! So i did took the opportunity to look at the ongoing photo exhibition with Eddy van Wessel (documentary photographer), who actually is from Nora. It was seriosly and emotonaly pictures and I cant quite describe them, you got to see them!

take care of each other,
be nice and say something nice that makes the day!


France, again!!!

Oopps, me in France again!!! Can´t speak french just a few words!!!

Take care all, say nice things to each other
- - - - - - - - -

You Belong in Paris

You enjoy all that life has to offer, and you can appreciate the fine tastes and sites of Paris.

You're the perfect person to wander the streets of Paris aimlessly, enjoying architecture and a crepe.




Just put out the pictures on my slippers that I have recently finished. They was very easy to do! I did though knit "on" the little collar like thing (was not on the pattern). They are very soft an nice to have on. There is some spare yarn left so I can do another pair if I want :-).

Här kommer bilderna på mina slippers som jag precis har gjort klart. De var jätte enkla att göra! Den förändring jag gjorde var att sticka på lite så de fick en "krag" liknande sak på sig. De är jättesköna att ha på sig. Det blev garn över så jag kan göre minst ytterligare ett par om jag vill :-).

P.S has updated my photo album (dogs, people & art, knitted stuff) a bit, just click Maris Gallery to the left.

take care say nice words to each other or do something nice



I got another Sunshine award!

Thanks Emma! I really appreciate it and hope we can see each other again at the next knitting café at Nora library. That would be greate :-) and I can then get some advice from you for my "Gail" shawl :-).

take care


Hmmm day, but sunshine

This day has been strange in a way. I had some hopes that a "thing" would have come to an end (see blogg post from 2009-12-20). I had hoped that it would have come to an solution. But guess it will take a new round (the second actually) with/at LO-TCO Legal Aid (court help) then, sigh. I will see in days what will happen. But I say do be in the Union!!!

The thing that brightened my day up a bit was a award from Kida, a Sunshine award and it "made my day". And some good chat with my friend John , also some nice words from Minna. These three people made my day better. Thanks to you :-) you are special to me.

Instructions for the Sunshine award is as follows:
The Sunshine Blog awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world. The rules for accepting the award are:
1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2. Pass the award to 12 bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they recevied this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

It is hard to choose who to give this award to as it has gone round a bit but I choose these one´s.
John- Books and Snow (you are my big support) also High Sea Kayak that includes Steinar (a good friend).
Minna- MEH for all your fun and nice words, also a big supportive person.
Emma- for always being friendly.
Emma 2- for the nice pattern and support when knitting my first shawl (I will put out a picture soon).
Ulrika/StickaMera- for all fun you are doing at StickaMera and a nice blog.

End with this today or start i maybe should say :-) It´s late now and a new day actually!

Be nice to your friends, say some words to them that brightens the day.
Take care


Wich one?


I want, I want, I want to knit a new shawl!
But wich one? Hard decision isn´t it? :-)
I want to do a Bird´s Eye shawl (have yarn), Gail (aka Nightsongs), Spring Trellis shawl or Haruni kind of have yarn to these also :-).
Pattern is in english except for Bird´s Eye that I have in Swedish. On some of them you shall also crochet a bit, I´m not good at that!

So wich one shall I do, wich one shall I start with?

"Once you make a decision,
the universe conspires to make it happen."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

take care


Hmmm not much


Well have not much to say today.
But here comes the picture that I promised should come. It is the picture on the yarn from the "Sockgarnsbyte" (sock yarn swap) I was in. Thanks to Maria S (see blog. "Jula och Mina" to the left) for it, it will be something of it :-). I will do the sock pattern that was with the package in the green yarn, yes it is green, kind of mint green. The camera grrr did change the colour on that yarn, the other is ok.

Will today end with this:

"Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots,
kind words are the flowers, Kind deeds are the fruits,
Take care of your garden And keep out the weeds,
Fill it with sunshine kind words and kind deeds"
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



Small things = happy

Hi all

Hmm think that small things and small packages, small events and words can make you happy. It kind off "makes your day" :-).

I just had that, I got a small package with a lovely smell :-). It was my first "bag" with green tea in a tea subscription from Tefrossa. Yea you can have that! It has the name "Skärgårds natt" in swedish wich translated to english will be "Achipelago night". Nice name isen´t it?. So that tea will I enjoy this evening and think of the archipelago, water (= freedom) and summer.

And I also got my package from StickaMeras "Sockgarns byte" (sock yarn swap) yesterday. Oooh it was some nice yarn in it :-). I will get a picture on that in the nearest days or so.

Make your friends happy with small things, a word or just support in some way!

Have a nice day


Yarn and mittens

Hi all

Well snow has come a lot and more seems to be on the way :-(. Well I kind of had enough of it now, want spring and summer + some warm weather!

Some nice thing though. A day this week a package came with some tea and yarn in it, yea a chocolate cake too :-). It was my package in the "Tea & yarn swap 5" at StickaMera (see link to the left). Many and big thanks to my swap friend Ing-Marie Å from Kåge. I had some thought on what to do with the yarn but now I have decide to do a pair of slippers, that will be cosy indeed. Ooh the tea tasted good to of course, a special mix from Skellefteå.

I have also finished february months mittens Augusta at the "Puls club 2010" at StickaMera to. They was easy to do and fun because they where fast knitted and not to complicated at all. Did not keep them for myself, one of my sisters got them. Hope she will use them!

Hmmm what to knitt now, hmm well is waiting for another yarn "ball" to the darkblue scarf I´m doing, hopefully that will come monday or tuesday. And I have the slippers to do also :-) :-) and some other stuff. I´m not out of knitting work at all :-) :-).

Ooh I have also notified med too StickaMeras "Sockgarnsbyte"(sock yarn swap). That will be exciting to see what will be in that package. I have never knitted a pair of socks before, well if you not count the slippers that I have just startded on :-). And it is always fun to get packages to :-). I have got a "friend" to send to and hopfully I will sort that out this coming week so I can send it to her.

To my friend, you know who you are!
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
~Aesop´s Fables

Also thanks to Camilla for coming with your digital camera so I could fix this pictures.
take care all of you