A package + feelings

Hi all
Today has been up and down, upset and grrrr day = many thought´s and feelings. That is not just for me but also for other´s sake. One good thing is that my "sake" has taken one more step forward but it goes slowly (see basic post from 2009-12-20 + here and there). I could say more now but I think that would not be soo good as it is an ongoing thing! Can say that I do not like people who lies, especially if they are lying to the goverment!

One good thing today that made it better was that I got a package in the mailbox (the snail mail) :-). It was from the dischcloth swap that StickaMera arranged. And I got my cloth today from "Urmodern" Eva. It was a nice knitted dischcloth in one of my favorite colours lime green. And she had also put in some other things like nice chocolate and a cappucccino bag that I´m actually taking right now + writing in the blog at the same time :-).

I´m also in my first knit-along, with Rachel´s Mystery Dishcloth knit along. But more on that + picture will come another day when I feel for writing a bit more.

take cara, say nice things to each other, be true to each other!



Hi all
Have been some day´s since I wrote anything. I kind off had no feeling to write, yea has been some bad mood day´s. Has been up, down, emptiness, down and so on. Miss the time that was a lot, good friends and all the special things that was too. Hopefully it will be better, or will it?

Yesterday I got my "friend" to knit a dishcloth to at StickaMeras "Dishcloth swap". So I took a break from my shawl "Gail" and is now doing a cloth with my design on to the "friend" I shall send it to. And in some days or so I will get one from someone that has knitted one to me, a bit exciting isen´t it? :-)

End with this strong quote, but I like it and it is true! Nature never fail you!

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.
It will never fail you."
~Frank Lloyd Wright

say nice things to each other, say some words often that is enough to make the day!


To the special one´s

This song is to the special one´s I know and to a friends daughter that is not with us anylonger!
Just click the green and listen!

Elton John "Your song"

Take care