12 june - 3 november 2011

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.
~ Winston Churchill

be nice to animals


1996-23-12 till 2011-07-06

(Ch Idol Out of Africa x Clara)

Only the tame birds have a longing
The wild ones fly
~Elmer Diktonius

Much love


Been awhile - again

Has been awhile since I wrote anything - again. Has been up and downs as usual and inspiration for it has not been on top. It might come back some time I hope.
Sun is up right now and it is 28 C in the shadow at the balcony so one big + :-). Just miss all real happiness that was ........

A bit fun though, StickaMera has 2 swaps that i´m in. To one swap "Yarn & tea 7", has already friends been distributed, and I have sent a package to Annika that I got a mail from yesterday saying it had already reach her, fast post for once!!!
The other swap i´m in is "Summer swap", end date is not yet to that so waiting for someone to send something to.

And i´m still working at the internet book shop Billigaboken, go in and have a look if there is something interesting for you, it´s sheap to shop there. :-)

Alone with myself
The trees bend to caress me
The shade hugs my heart
~ Candy Polgar

take care say nice words to each other


Long Time

Hello everyone!
It has been a long time since I wrote anything. The reason is no lust at all for it. And the d ... m shit that has been (look older post´s about me being redundant). But that is finished now more or less, well to 95%. But more on that will come some other day as it is rather late in the night right now.
One good and nice thing is that I now have got a internship (practice place, work), a good one too. Books, books, and books. :-D Yea this place is a Internet bookstore Billiga Boken that has a local in my home town Nora. Go in on that page (se link above) and have a look, I just got a nice knitting book from them. The owner knows what my interest is. :-)

The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
~Helen Keller

Take care say nice words to each other