Mittens + music

Hi all
Not so much to say just a little bit comes here.
I´m finally done with my "May mittens" 'Elin' in StickaMeras Pulsclub. That was some weeks ago but have not taken any pictures until until now, with the mobile phone. So they might not be that good, but you see the mittens anyway. They are knitted in Drops Alpacka, darkblue. This is one of my favorite yarns, so soft and nice to knit in. And I also decided not to have any buttons at the lace part as you can see. I sewed beads there instead as I also did on one row a couple of rows from where the lace ended. Thid is my first try to include beads in a knitted thing. Will defenitely do i t again!

Must have some music to. The other day when I came home from a dogshow (the first one for this summer). I was really tired and my mind was not with me at all plus I was wet into the skin and a bit more! I miss so much and my lust and inspiration is not as it should. So I wanted to listen to some soft and "silence" music. I found the execellent "Sound of Silence" with Simon & Garfunkel (live sound). Click the picture to come to the music and video!

Picture is taken by my friend John P.

Will end with this fitting poem.

"In the sweet territory of silence we touch the
mystery. It´s the place of reflection and
contemplation, and it´s the place where we can connect
with the deep knowing, to the deep wisdom way."
~Angeles Arrien

take care all, say nice things to each other


Hi all!
Just a small update. Have had some to be true crap days and the inspiration is not there.
Listen to this song, specially the text! Click on the picture to come to the music.

Pink Floyd - "Another brick in the wall"

Have joined a bit fun though. I joined StickaMeras "Yarn & Tea swap 6". Has just packed the package to my swap friend and shall send it tomorrow.

Take care, be nice to each other.