Long time

Hi all

It has been a long time since I wrote here! And there is some reasons to that!
It has been a wounderful and marvellous summer in every way :-). Much to do with good friends and some really nice barebcue´s, and also making some new friends. The time to write here was not there.
But the autmn did not end so nicely at all, it was actually awful :-(. To many thoughts and not in mood at all to do anthing with the blog! Reason then, well I was simply terminated from my work at Bombadil Publishing, due to redundancy, hmmmm there is a lot to do!!! I was not alone to have been made reduntant either, there where more! There was no normal ethics in the way we was made redundant. Just a paper that said something! Luckily I have my Union taking care of it, I have handed it over to them. There is more to say about that and in time I might do that to. Right now I don´t have the words for it, but the words might come.

I will end today with my favorite quote:
"Stop letting other peoples behaviour steal your joy!"
~Joyce Meyer

So all of you be nice to each other and take care


May mittens

I have already finished May "mittens". First my thoughts was not to do this months "mittens" but a co-worker wanted some and I said: -Well if I´m doing these one´s it will be in pink, because that is the yarn I have home at the moment and that will fit okej to these. Luckily she loves pink :-)):-)). They where a bit tricky to do because I didn´t understand the english pattern first, but I got some help by the forum at StickaMera.
So here are the pictures for the mittens. They are taken with a digital camera and it is my first time using one! !!! And I don´t have the feeling for digital cameras as I have for my own system camera.
Well I also have finished my "Vinge" shawl but I don´t have a good picture on it yet. I have tried and tried with the digital camera that I can use (my work has 2 so I´m allowed to use it). But still I don´t have the feeling for it!!!! But in time it will come a picture on the shawl but I don´t know when.

Have a nice day
Mari G in Nora + the dogs


Happiness - Lycka

Hello out there.
Well I´m happy, again :-)):-)).
Why you might think? Well yesterday my sister and me decided that we should put together our 2 bitches, well at least try. My Sunny (basenji 7 years) can really be a bitch, and little Molly an 9 month old daschhound bitch. We had been a bit scared too try before. But it did go very well and Sunny run around and played with Molly and she had really a fun time :-)):-)), well they both had fun. And we tried again today after we had been tracking (blood) with Molly. It did go very well today too. This is happiness !!!
Be happy for little things!
Hallå därute
Jag är glad och lycklig, igen :-)):-))
Varför undrar ni kanske? Igår provade nämligen min syser och jag att släppa ihop våra 2 tikar, Sunny basenji 7 år (kan vara en riktig surkart) och Molly 9 månader och tax tik. Vi har inte riktigt vågat att göra det tidigare. Det gick superbra och Sunny sprang runt och lekte med Molly som om hon inte gjort något annat, hon hade verkligen en rolig stund :-)):-)), de hade roligt båda två. Och vi provade igen idag efter att vi gått viltspår (tränat) med Molly. Det gick lika bra idag. Detta är lycka !!!
Var lycklig för det lilla!


Yarn & Chokolate swap

Well now I finally have scanned the picture (don´t have a digtal camera, not yet at least) that I took on the yarn & chokolate I got from my swap friend Anette B, se link to her site on the left, klick on "Ullin". So here Is a picture on the nice yarn, it´s in my colours also :-)):-)). The chokolate is gone and it was good, good, good.

The swap was through StickaMera, se link to the left.
I don´t know yet what I shall do of the yarn , maybe a top or something that I can use in the summer.

By for this time


May fire

Today has been a bit strange day!
We have just picking up a table, leaving a couple of tires at a car shop, bying charcoal for the barbecue, cleaning up a bit and looking at mails and aswered some. This is on my and my co-workers workingplace, it has been a kind of relaxin day actually.

I think we all looking forward to the May fire this evening. I´m actually going to two May fires. First the big one in Örebro. Some friends (Niklas and Steinar + some moore peoples) are actually setting on the May fire with arrows. And they later on that evening will show it more closly at our own smaller May fire :-)):-)). That will be fun because I´m kind of filming the thing in Örebro and probably will be concentrating on filming :-)):-)). And then we will see how the evning turns out, nice I hope.
May fire is a swedish thing to celebrate that spring has come, and we do this celebartion every year.

Have a nice weekend everyone and take care


Hos änglarna - With the angels

A sad day
My sisters dog daschhound bitch Elsa (Snickarn´s Elsa Engel) is with the angels now :-(. I hope she will hunt everything in her usual fast speed there. Take care Elsa!
En sorgens dag idag.
Min systers taxtik Elsa (Snickarn´s Elsa Engel) har gått vidare till änglarna :-(. Jag hoppas att hon där får jaga allt i sin väg med sin vanliga snabba fart. Ha det bra Elsa!

Mari, your tracking handler in the forrest + the dogs in Ås


Susie´s Reading Mitts

April Mitts

Well I have now finished my april mitts for "StickaMeras" Pulsclub 2009.

It was the first time ever I had knitted after english pattern. With some translating help it went on quite fine actually :-)):-)). The yarn I used is "Tynn Alpacka" and it is really soft and nice to knitt with, I can recommend it. I did some changes so it would fit me and my hands. Like having fever stiches and not knitting so many rounds on the thumb.
Then I should take a picture on them, that didn´t go so fine at all. It is hard to have them on your hands and trying to take a photo :-)). So I tried and this is the result :-).

have a nice day
Mari + dogs


Vinge + kajak

Hello out there
Well it has been a nice sunny day but a cold one, brrrr. I was actually filming with a camera today for the first time in my life. At work my co-worker John and Steinar should try the kajak in the lake, Steinar has built it. So it was a bit of a test to se if it worked as it should do. And yes it did work fine and no one fell into the water. And it was quite fun to film, I will se tommorow how it became, hopefully it was something to se :-)).

Ohh soon my "Vinge" shawl is finished, it is not so much left to do on it. I will continue to knitt as long as I have yarn to knitt with. It is 1:tread wool yarn from Ullcentrum that I use for it. It was not so hard to knitt it actually, i´m a bit suprprised that I handled it so easy. I might do one moore, who knows!!! On the picture (wich is taken by a mobile phone) I just have begin with it, so it dosen´t look so funny at all. And I now understand why everyone talking about to "block" the stuff that you have knitted :-)):-)). You have to straighten it out to see the nice pattern.

Have a nice day until next time
Mari + the dogs in Nora


Gamla bloggen - Old blog

Hello everyone!
I have now created a new blog. This one is easier to put in pictures and moore layout to choose behind (if you want). The old blog still excist and you can all find that blogg... at this adress:
http://www.blogtown.se/blog.php?id=mari-g for a some moore time.
At this new blog I will try to write in english but it will also be in swedish. So all of you have patience with my wrong spelling :-)):-)), maybe I can ask someone to look at from time to time.
Hej alla
Jag har nu skapat en ny blog. I den här är det mycket lättare att lägga in bilder och man kan ändra på layouten på ett enklare sätt om man vill. Den gamla bloggen finns kvar ett tag och den kan ni hitta på denna adress:
I den här nya bloggen kommer jag att skriva på engelska då och då, men det kommer även att skrivas på svenska också. Förhopningsvis kanske nån kan titta på min engelska och rätta det som är galet och felstavat :-)):-)) nån gång då och då.

By by for this time
Mari in a sunny Nora