Fun + hmmmm

Hi all

Well yesterday (wensday 28 april) it was fun :-). The whole day I was looking forward to the knitting café that should be at the library in town (Nora). So in the afternoon I took my bike and did go in, a bit rain it was but that didn´t matter then. I really wanted to go in :-). There I meet some nice people and a woman that has a yarn shop had taken some yarn with her, but I did not buy anything, weird!!!
And finally I meet again EmmaE and she had her daughter Signe with her. That was really good that she came because I had again got stuck in my "Gail" shawl. But she helped me and I in the end "got" it. So now everything seems to be OK and I´m now on the second repeat :-). Big thanks Emma!

Emmas daughter Signe fixing with the puzzle (allowed to use the picture).

Today on the other hand it´s :-( :-(. The weather is boring, grey and cold. Rain is hanging in the air and the stupid "road machine" has been here and scraped the road, yea we gravel road. That will make it grrrrrrr to bike for a couple of days. And on top of that i´m frezzing exactly as Sunny does, think actually I might do like her snuggle up in the kitchen sofa, have a look at the picture. She is cute isen´t she?by by for now



Hi all
I have recently started to knit discloths, sounds weird isen´t it :-) ? But it is not, these cloths is made in cotton, cotton/flax mix or a mix of cotton/bamboo. I have tried all mixes and they work well all of them :-). If you want something fast to knit, something to knit that you really don´t need to think much well then dishcloths is excellent :-)). Of course there is patters where you need to pay attensione!Yesterday evening, hmm probably night :-) I joined StickaMeras dishcloth swap. Sounds weird? Well you knit a cloth send it to someone, get a cloth back from someone else. It is fun and you can if you want put in small things in the package too, maybe some candy or other fun.

have a nice day all, say some nice words to each other!


Both nice and blahäää


On wensday this week (21 of april) I took me the time and went in to Örebro and the knitting café at Märtas cafe, the knit café was in co-operation with "Bilda". I felt I needed to get away from all a bit even if it was for just a couple of hours! It was really nice to meet some new knitting friends, they where really friendly and welcome me nicely :-). Most of them was also in the newly formed club Närkes Handaverk. In time I maybe join them and even go on some of their other activities.
Finally I can continue with my shawl "Gail", I got some good help :-) and now I don´t understand what wrong I did before!!! I will defenitely go in again at this knit café it was pleasant and the place in it´s self was really nice and I can recommend all to "go off" there regular coffea streets and go to this place instead. Took a few picture with my new mobile phone, they are not that super good but you can see a bit on what was going on and the cosy café.

Some knitting friends and a small view at the cosy café.

A bit of the table wit a mix of "goodies" :-) and my brown mottled yarn ball.

The rest of week have been up and down as usual! Today it started so nice with sun then it was just blahäää with grey weather and rain/snow/hail, that is not so fun for the soul when it have the "bad" days and missing all the good stuff that has been. I´m quite feed up with the weather right now and need to get away for a bit longer time. Hope that can be soon, really soon!

take care all


A bit news, new mobile!

Hi all!
Has been a while since I wrote anything. The truth is that I have not been inspired at all to do so, some days are like that and some days I get an idea but when I then sit down and shall write then it´s gone! And with all that waiting on that something shall happen with the Union/Lo-TCO court help, sigh. Yea that take´s on you and no inspiration is there. But soon, soon it will be something!

Some new things has happened though! I finally decided me to get a new mobile phone after all looking on the internet for months. In the end I decided me for a Nokia E71, I really like that keyboard that they have on the E63(does not excist here in Sweden), E71, E72 and some new models. I hate when there is a thing you shall pull out or fold up/fold down, that is just a extra thing to tangle up in and destroy I think. My new one will be excellent in time, when I have learned me all things on it, wich will take some time :-). I´m right now just waiting on that the numer shall be transfered and ready to use, I want to have my old number you see. Look the picture, nice isen´t it? :-), it is has a silver colour.

Knitting front then? Well I let the socks "hibernate" it was a bit boring to do them. Im not a "sock" person I think. In my lack of inspiration I needed something quick to knit. I found out on internet that there was quite a lot of people that knitted dishcloths!!! Weird I thought but after some thinking I realise that it works to have knitted dishcloths. So that was a excellent thing for me to knit. It goes fast, no need of a special pattern, unless you want of course. So fast look what i had in my yarn collection, not much but I started with one at least. I have now bought some more cotton, cotton/bamboo yarn and is on my way to do moore cloths. Actually I´m on my third now, no need of thinking is necessary at all :-). At the same time when I bought some cloth yarn I also bought yarn to a "Teardrop" shawl, it became a "flax" yarn in a deep moss green colour, a bit shifting in the colour. And some pearls to it to, will se if I actually use the pearls or not, bu tit is nice with it. I bought the flax yarn in a store in Örebro but it is from Ullcentrum at Öland. Ohh I have also got my own yarn winder now, finally after so many years :-).

End for this time with this, something I really like and once send to "my" angel:

"An angel exist, but sometimes they don´t have wings . . . .
We call them `friends`"

take care of your friends



Just listen to this music with Pink Floyd (click on the "green" title) "Marooned".
This song is special and therefore to special friends, you know who you are :-) !
Take care and be nice to each other.