"I don´t know" day!

Today it is an "I don´t know" day here! :-(.

(Click the picture to listen and to see the video).

Listen to this song "Private emotions" and enjoy the voices and the text. And of course there is a Swedish voice in it, nice Meja.

This is to my special friends out there, you know who you are.

Take care, be nice to each other!


Got some new things.

Just a short report, then to bed!

For once I actually have won something, it´s not often I do win so this made me glad. I participated in Torgstenens "Spring time draw" for some nice tops. It is a whole package with pattern, yarn, stiches and a crochet hook. I also got to choose colour on the yarn, se my picture below what colour I chose.

I have also got two packages from two swaps with StickaMera. First came the "Cup & yarn" package from Berit in Denmark. It was some nice danish mohair/wool yarn and a nice cup, not sure yet what to do with the yarn, it is two different light green/grey shades on it. The second package was the "Chocolate & yarn" from Kerstin in Åkersberga with some nice wool (the pink/grey shaded one) yarn from Ullcentrum that I know what to do with :-). It was also some beige mohair mix yarn in it but not sure what to do with that yet. The chocolate have I already eaten up, it was tasty :-).

Ends tonight with my words:

. . . she was taught to keep things inside,
she was taught to be quiet,
to emptiness deep inside . . .

~ MG 2010

take care and be nice to each other


My birthday girl!

My sweet little basenji girl Sunny (Triad´s Summer Dream) is today 9 years old!
Where on earth has the time gone, have I already had her for 9 years? She was born early in the morning at 02.02 and her birth weight was 240 grams, she was born with her butt (breech?) first ! :-) Sunny is after the Australian bitch "Kajsa" Ch Wazazi Perfect Dream and her dad is the Swedish boy Ch Kitutu Pumba. Many thanks to Lotten and Tomas at Triad´s kennel for this little sweet girl.

Sunny on her back at her birthday, hmm is it proper to show the belly? :-)

Love these words and it suits Sunny really well (have these words on the back of a postcard with her).

"A singel sunbeam is enough to
drive away many shadows."
~Franciscus of Assissi

take care, say nice things and words to each other


Different things

Again some time has gone since last post. Same reason as before, the inspiration is not quite there! To many thoughts, days is down, up, down . . . . . . . . . so on. Just hope it will end some time, I need a breake, need to get away from this stupid ground for a while, or longer . . . . . . . . .
My oldest dog Luppe (13½ years old) is also on medication right now, he goes on cortizone and penecillin + was shampoed, some skin problem. I was quite worried there for a while and still is, he is old! He seemes to take the treatment good, shall have a check on him some day this week, maybe it will be taken a biopsy.

I have now finished my dishcloth in the dishcloth knit-along. It was my first time in a thing like like that and probably not the last time either! You knit a couple of rows, that you get the pattern to, each day, in this case for 9 days. A fun way to knit along with others, can recomend it! Have already start to use this one to :-). Maybe some of you wounder how it work to use these knitted dishcloths? Well they are much better than the one´s you buy, more economic, good for the nature and they look alot more nicer! :-). And you just wash them in the washmachine when you wash something else.
And I have also joined a new swap with StickaMera, "En kopp garn" - "A cup of yarn". You send a cup/mug, yarn and some other small goodies (if you want) to a friend that you get. I have already sent away the package to my friend (yesterday). Will se when I get my, it´s a bit fun and exciting these swap´s.

For the soul´s health is the small,
even the smallest joys
of greate value.
~P W V Keppler

take care, say nice things to each other