Today´s highlight!

Todays higlight in the crap, crap weather is that I got april months subscription tea from TeFrossa and it is the green tea "Japan Lime". It smells absolutely marvellous something in my style :-). I will try it later this day when I can enjoy it a lot.
On the knitting front I have now finished the first sock! As I have said before I have never knit socks before so it takes a bit time. But they are on the way.

The rest then, the so called "thing" or mess or whatever I shall call it (se post from 2009-12-20) and some small posts here and there. Well it will take some more time but it is back up at LO-TCO Legal Aid (court help). Can´t say so much more as it is an ongoing thing. But something will happen in the nearest couple of weeks. Sigh and sigh it takes a long time :-( and it takes a part of you and the mind! I repeat my self I know by saying this, be in a UNION you do get help when you need it! And courthelp is one thing you get help with!

be nice to each other, say nice word that lightens up the day

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  1. Det är ingen fara om man inte har fäst trådanra. De kommer finnas kvar där tills att du fäster de. Det är inget som rymmer :P Jag ser fram emot att se dina färdiga strumpor. Kram