Hmmm, grrrr and yarn

Hi all.
Well it has been some grrr time these last day´s and I´m not happy about it at all.

I do not like people who is trying to avoid the responsibility and the law by moving from the country (flee rather I should say). That I hate when they are trying to get away with what they owe in other words! That is the situation with my case and requirements at this time, unfortunately. Procastination, procastination . . . is apperently a way to try to get away from everything and very common infortunately. See post from 2009-12-20 then you understand these words better. Wonder if I ever will see/get my money (wage) some time, get what I have the right to?? I´m quite pissed off (and down some days) and to know that it is not just me that is in the same situation as me it´s, it´s grrrrrrrrrrr and a bit more. I do Not like it at all! Pitty some people always think that they have right and never can have wrong. Everyone can from time to time have wrong!
Enough of that for this time over to som nice, fun things instead.

This is what I got in the swap "Yarn & tea 6" at StickaMera. Some nice Ecological Baby wool yarn. Not sure yet what I shall do, hmmm maybe a pair of winter mitts? Anyone out there have any suggest?? Ooh it was some nice tea in it to :-). Thanks my swap friend Elin.

I have also finished a cover for my mobile phone. I did not like the cover that was with it, it was ridicilous and uggly, black fake leather and totaly open in 2 ends!? This one is knitted in some spare yarn i had (from another swap last year), it´s "Opal Bambus" a really nice yarn. I want more of that but have had hard to find it so is it someone out there know where to get it contact me. Have no pattern to this one, it is made from my own head. On the back I did a "strap" so I can put it in a belt or on a bag if I want to do that. Now my head is a bit empty on words and inspiration so I end it here for this time.

A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.
~Charlotte Bronte

Take care and say nice things to each other.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Usch, du har det verkligen tråkigt med din situation! Hoppas du någon gång får det du har rätt till.

    Vilket mysigt garn du har fått i paket, härlig färg. Och sött mobilfodral :-)

  2. Hej
    Tack Emma!
    Ja det är fö.....ad crap/grrrr att det är som det är tyvärr, är så innerligt trött på det :-(.

    Ja det var mysigt och mjukt garn, min färg också :-). Hmmm kanske ett par enkla tumvantar av det, får se. Min inspiration är inte på topp precis.


  3. Såg att du undrade hos Ulrika var man får mer info om EFIT. Kolla hemsidan ettfotoitimmen.se