May mittens

I have already finished May "mittens". First my thoughts was not to do this months "mittens" but a co-worker wanted some and I said: -Well if I´m doing these one´s it will be in pink, because that is the yarn I have home at the moment and that will fit okej to these. Luckily she loves pink :-)):-)). They where a bit tricky to do because I didn´t understand the english pattern first, but I got some help by the forum at StickaMera.
So here are the pictures for the mittens. They are taken with a digital camera and it is my first time using one! !!! And I don´t have the feeling for digital cameras as I have for my own system camera.
Well I also have finished my "Vinge" shawl but I don´t have a good picture on it yet. I have tried and tried with the digital camera that I can use (my work has 2 so I´m allowed to use it). But still I don´t have the feeling for it!!!! But in time it will come a picture on the shawl but I don´t know when.

Have a nice day
Mari G in Nora + the dogs

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