Long time

Hi all

It has been a long time since I wrote here! And there is some reasons to that!
It has been a wounderful and marvellous summer in every way :-). Much to do with good friends and some really nice barebcue´s, and also making some new friends. The time to write here was not there.
But the autmn did not end so nicely at all, it was actually awful :-(. To many thoughts and not in mood at all to do anthing with the blog! Reason then, well I was simply terminated from my work at Bombadil Publishing, due to redundancy, hmmmm there is a lot to do!!! I was not alone to have been made reduntant either, there where more! There was no normal ethics in the way we was made redundant. Just a paper that said something! Luckily I have my Union taking care of it, I have handed it over to them. There is more to say about that and in time I might do that to. Right now I don´t have the words for it, but the words might come.

I will end today with my favorite quote:
"Stop letting other peoples behaviour steal your joy!"
~Joyce Meyer

So all of you be nice to each other and take care

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