Hi all!
Been a while since I wrote anything, as usual the inspiration has not been there at all! Something else take a lot of my strenght and mind (see earlier post´s).
Some fun though :-). StickaMera started another "Sock yarn swap" that I´m in. I have already got my package with yarn from my sock yarn friend Åsa in Finspång. Don´t have any e-mail or blog adress to her so I say Thank you from here to you Åsa. I got some really nice and soft Raggi Fantasi in lovely colours. It was also some nice chocolate in, wich is now gone (did disapear quick). And a face mask (mudpack) that I have not tried yet but will do in some days. In nearest week I will put together the package I shall send away to a friend, so hold out it will come :-). I´m a bit picky whith what I shall send away, what yarn I will choose to send.

I got this lovely yarn with nice colour.

Im also soon totaly finished with my top "Gypsy", Plassad pattern. I´m doing the top in a lime green yarn from Garnverket, organic cotton yarn. Has just the assembly left, wich has been proved to be a bit dodgy! On the picture I´m a bit more than halfway, at the same time I´m in the popular Online knitting café on Facebook that Lisa has started up. Very good and nice initiative and popular it is!
Actually it is one going on right now :-), I just took a brake from it to write this in the blog.

End with these words:

On your journey to your dream,
be ready to face oasis and deserts.
In both cases, don´t stop.

~Paulo Coelho

take care, be nice

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  1. Hej Marie tack för garnet pärlorna och resten i
    Det blir en sjal och ett armband av pärlorna ha en bra höst nu när det börjar bli kallt.
    Mvh Maria