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Hi all!
This time I want to share two pictures that I took with the mobilephone in september. They kind of illustrated the mood and mind I was on those day´s.

First picture is on a foggy morning on my way to the stable to let the horses out. The lake was completely gone!!! Well not "totaly" but covered in fog so I could not see it at all.
The second picture is taken on my evening walk with the dogs. Dark, dark was it and just the moon was there to light it up.

On wednesday this week, 29 september I was at the first knitting café for the autumn at the library in Nora. We actually sat in the middle of the exhibition hall where it was an ongoing exhibition with the culture educators in Nora! I got some help from Renate with the assembly of my top, I kind of had got stuck there as the description was a bit wanky. Then I started to knit on my first pair of socks ever!!! Well will se how these will be, shall not keep them for my self but have some other yarn to knit socks to me to :-). Hmmm maybe I´m not a "sock" person/knitter!?
When the heart speaks,
the mind finds it indecent to object.

~Milan Kundera
be kind to each other

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