Grrrrrrrrr, new

Grrrrr, have realised that my first pair off socks must be put on hibernation (rest) for a while. The yarn is not enough at all, 1 skein is only :-( for about half the sock and a bit more. So now I have to wait until I find at least 1 more skein of the bl........dy yarn! Or I have to mix with another yarn/colour in some way.
Anyone out there have 1 skein of the yarn "Crazy" colour 015 from Idéna/Almedahls (se picture from last post), contact me!

So what now then? Well on to another pair off socks :-) this time in Zauerball yarn. Never knitted in that before, have only just started and so far so good. A bit thin though but I will get used to it. I really hope this skein (ball) is enough for a pair off biiiiig socks! But have got some good advice and tips from Kida, Thank you! I might come with more questions :-).
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  1. Det garnet har jag stickat sjal i. Lycka till med sockorna, hoppas det räcker. Det tror jag faktiskt att det gör, det är många meter.