Finished and up!

Hello all!
Today when I looked at the amaryllis bulbs that I´ve put in pots on the 3 of november, I discovered that they have started to grow :-). In other words a slowly progress. So the bulbs were moved to a bit brighter place. Hope they continue to grow to beautyful flowers! I have also finished (some week ago) my new mittens. A pair of red "Fröken Smillas mittens" (Miss Smillas mittens). I also put out pics on my knitting album at FB. Ooopps a reaction it was indeed, seems like red things attracts people :-) and I got some questions and nice words. The red colour seems to give reaction from many different directions and people I don´t even know!
The perfection of art is to conceal art.
~ Quintilian
take care

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  1. Vilka ljuvliga handledsvärmare. Kul att du är med i min utlottning.