A little joy

Hi all!
Again it has been some time since I wrote anything here, have been some (sigh) crap day´s again. And some people are really grrrrrrr and don´t think, they are airheads!
I have also got a time for my "sake" in the court, so in the first week of december I will se if I´m entitled to my right´s (my salary)!

But there is also bright spots that lighten´s up the day. Like yesterday my older sister came with a whole basket with yarn, I got both yarn and a basket :-). Found almost at once some yarn that I can use for a birthday present to my niece´s birthday. Later on when I have put out a picture on my wall at FB, I got after some hour or so a question if I wanted some more yarn sent over to me in Sweden! Ooh more yarn happines :-). So in some time more yarn will come to me all the way from USA!
And I have also been to two nice knitting cafe´s this week, that is also some nice hour´s to spend a part of the day.
The basket full off yarn.

Again some nice music to listen to and I got this link from a friend some time ago. Click the picture as usual to listen and see the video.
Enigma "Return to Innocence"

Be yourself, no matter what they say.
take care of each other

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