May fire

Today has been a bit strange day!
We have just picking up a table, leaving a couple of tires at a car shop, bying charcoal for the barbecue, cleaning up a bit and looking at mails and aswered some. This is on my and my co-workers workingplace, it has been a kind of relaxin day actually.

I think we all looking forward to the May fire this evening. I´m actually going to two May fires. First the big one in Örebro. Some friends (Niklas and Steinar + some moore peoples) are actually setting on the May fire with arrows. And they later on that evening will show it more closly at our own smaller May fire :-)):-)). That will be fun because I´m kind of filming the thing in Örebro and probably will be concentrating on filming :-)):-)). And then we will see how the evning turns out, nice I hope.
May fire is a swedish thing to celebrate that spring has come, and we do this celebartion every year.

Have a nice weekend everyone and take care

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