Vinge + kajak

Hello out there
Well it has been a nice sunny day but a cold one, brrrr. I was actually filming with a camera today for the first time in my life. At work my co-worker John and Steinar should try the kajak in the lake, Steinar has built it. So it was a bit of a test to se if it worked as it should do. And yes it did work fine and no one fell into the water. And it was quite fun to film, I will se tommorow how it became, hopefully it was something to se :-)).

Ohh soon my "Vinge" shawl is finished, it is not so much left to do on it. I will continue to knitt as long as I have yarn to knitt with. It is 1:tread wool yarn from Ullcentrum that I use for it. It was not so hard to knitt it actually, i´m a bit suprprised that I handled it so easy. I might do one moore, who knows!!! On the picture (wich is taken by a mobile phone) I just have begin with it, so it dosen´t look so funny at all. And I now understand why everyone talking about to "block" the stuff that you have knitted :-)):-)). You have to straighten it out to see the nice pattern.

Have a nice day until next time
Mari + the dogs in Nora

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  1. Det ska bli spännande att se din färdiga Vinge! Den vill jag också sticka... nå´n gång...

    Vi var på Wåhlstedts ullspinneri i somras, då köpte jag det gröna garnet. Så då fanns det fortfarande. Men det var en himla väg att ta sig dit, med husvagn till på köpet!