A bit news, new mobile!

Hi all!
Has been a while since I wrote anything. The truth is that I have not been inspired at all to do so, some days are like that and some days I get an idea but when I then sit down and shall write then it´s gone! And with all that waiting on that something shall happen with the Union/Lo-TCO court help, sigh. Yea that take´s on you and no inspiration is there. But soon, soon it will be something!

Some new things has happened though! I finally decided me to get a new mobile phone after all looking on the internet for months. In the end I decided me for a Nokia E71, I really like that keyboard that they have on the E63(does not excist here in Sweden), E71, E72 and some new models. I hate when there is a thing you shall pull out or fold up/fold down, that is just a extra thing to tangle up in and destroy I think. My new one will be excellent in time, when I have learned me all things on it, wich will take some time :-). I´m right now just waiting on that the numer shall be transfered and ready to use, I want to have my old number you see. Look the picture, nice isen´t it? :-), it is has a silver colour.

Knitting front then? Well I let the socks "hibernate" it was a bit boring to do them. Im not a "sock" person I think. In my lack of inspiration I needed something quick to knit. I found out on internet that there was quite a lot of people that knitted dishcloths!!! Weird I thought but after some thinking I realise that it works to have knitted dishcloths. So that was a excellent thing for me to knit. It goes fast, no need of a special pattern, unless you want of course. So fast look what i had in my yarn collection, not much but I started with one at least. I have now bought some more cotton, cotton/bamboo yarn and is on my way to do moore cloths. Actually I´m on my third now, no need of thinking is necessary at all :-). At the same time when I bought some cloth yarn I also bought yarn to a "Teardrop" shawl, it became a "flax" yarn in a deep moss green colour, a bit shifting in the colour. And some pearls to it to, will se if I actually use the pearls or not, bu tit is nice with it. I bought the flax yarn in a store in Örebro but it is from Ullcentrum at Öland. Ohh I have also got my own yarn winder now, finally after so many years :-).

End for this time with this, something I really like and once send to "my" angel:

"An angel exist, but sometimes they don´t have wings . . . .
We call them `friends`"

take care of your friends

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  1. Hej ,tack för din kommentar! Garnet är Heaven Hands till de härliga vantarna som TantKofta gjort mönster till :)