Hi all
I have recently started to knit discloths, sounds weird isen´t it :-) ? But it is not, these cloths is made in cotton, cotton/flax mix or a mix of cotton/bamboo. I have tried all mixes and they work well all of them :-). If you want something fast to knit, something to knit that you really don´t need to think much well then dishcloths is excellent :-)). Of course there is patters where you need to pay attensione!Yesterday evening, hmm probably night :-) I joined StickaMeras dishcloth swap. Sounds weird? Well you knit a cloth send it to someone, get a cloth back from someone else. It is fun and you can if you want put in small things in the package too, maybe some candy or other fun.

have a nice day all, say some nice words to each other!

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