Fun + hmmmm

Hi all

Well yesterday (wensday 28 april) it was fun :-). The whole day I was looking forward to the knitting café that should be at the library in town (Nora). So in the afternoon I took my bike and did go in, a bit rain it was but that didn´t matter then. I really wanted to go in :-). There I meet some nice people and a woman that has a yarn shop had taken some yarn with her, but I did not buy anything, weird!!!
And finally I meet again EmmaE and she had her daughter Signe with her. That was really good that she came because I had again got stuck in my "Gail" shawl. But she helped me and I in the end "got" it. So now everything seems to be OK and I´m now on the second repeat :-). Big thanks Emma!

Emmas daughter Signe fixing with the puzzle (allowed to use the picture).

Today on the other hand it´s :-( :-(. The weather is boring, grey and cold. Rain is hanging in the air and the stupid "road machine" has been here and scraped the road, yea we gravel road. That will make it grrrrrrr to bike for a couple of days. And on top of that i´m frezzing exactly as Sunny does, think actually I might do like her snuggle up in the kitchen sofa, have a look at the picture. She is cute isen´t she?by by for now

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