Both nice and blahäää


On wensday this week (21 of april) I took me the time and went in to Örebro and the knitting café at Märtas cafe, the knit café was in co-operation with "Bilda". I felt I needed to get away from all a bit even if it was for just a couple of hours! It was really nice to meet some new knitting friends, they where really friendly and welcome me nicely :-). Most of them was also in the newly formed club Närkes Handaverk. In time I maybe join them and even go on some of their other activities.
Finally I can continue with my shawl "Gail", I got some good help :-) and now I don´t understand what wrong I did before!!! I will defenitely go in again at this knit café it was pleasant and the place in it´s self was really nice and I can recommend all to "go off" there regular coffea streets and go to this place instead. Took a few picture with my new mobile phone, they are not that super good but you can see a bit on what was going on and the cosy café.

Some knitting friends and a small view at the cosy café.

A bit of the table wit a mix of "goodies" :-) and my brown mottled yarn ball.

The rest of week have been up and down as usual! Today it started so nice with sun then it was just blahäää with grey weather and rain/snow/hail, that is not so fun for the soul when it have the "bad" days and missing all the good stuff that has been. I´m quite feed up with the weather right now and need to get away for a bit longer time. Hope that can be soon, really soon!

take care all

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  1. Vi ska göra ett försök att åka på stickcafé på onsdag, igen. ;-)